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A mother and son experience a new relationship of healing across dimensions, offering insights into afterlife.

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About Mindy

Mindy Miralia continues to pursue her vision of conscious evolutionary development to bring healing to a new level.

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Welcome. My name is Mindy Miralia, author of The Hero in Heroin: A Mother and Son’s Journey on Both Sides of the Veil.

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In The Hero in Heroin Mindy’s story conveys an alternative experience of reality and human consciousness vital to how some view the soul, spirit, and the potential non-physical realms of being. Mindy is an engaging storyteller and has masterfully depicted the potential for one special human being’s spiritual transformation. The synthesis, synchronicities, and balancing of Mindy and Micah’s experiences exemplify the evolutionary nature of unconditional Love.

Dr. John Demartini
Best-selling author of Inspired Destiny


This absorbing and brave book reveals sorrow and hope, walking hand in hand, bound together by compassion. With great storytelling skills, Mindy reveals the emergence of unconditional love as she strives to support her son & his addiction. Micah’s own writings about his challenges bring greater depth to a book essential to those who find themselves in similar situations.

Christine Page, MD
Author of the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman


Moving, graceful, and poetic. Challenging, tragic, and transforming. Inspiring, frightening, empowering. Rarely has a book touched me so deeply. From drugs to destiny, from sorrow to synchronicity, we are invited to enter Mindy and Micah’s minds and hearts, and through this extraordinary journey, awaken. Be prepared for your current vision of life and love to be enriched and elevated.

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona. Author of The Afterlife Experiments and The Sacred Promise


Oh my God! Mindy Miralia’s book is fabulous. I really loved it and felt so much empathy and love for this amazing woman and her son Micah. It is such a great read and it would help some of my clients in the community mental health system, who are going through the grief of suicide of children, siblings and spouses. Lovely book written with much heart.

Thalia Andrews
Licensed Professional Counselor/Certified Addiction Counselor III Denver, CO